Finishing London Marathon in 2013 in 3h16min was one of most memorable moments of my life.

I continue with my fitness journey, working out 6 days / week and hoping to inspire everyone and lead by example.


Little note about myself and Fit Me Training; My name is Alexandra and I have been around the sport for most of my life, starting from a very young age when I developed my competitive spirit through school athletics competitions where I represented my school as part of the athletic team. Later on, as a teenager and during university, I have started taking interest in very popular at that time aerobic classes and jogging and this followed by eventually joining one of the biggest commercial gym chains.  A few years ago after years of continuous training and trying every possible class in the gym and pounding numerous miles on the treadmill and parks I’ve plateaux. I was fit and healthy but the body shape somehow didn’t change much and it was beyond me to understand the fact that hours in the gym do not translate to my body in the way I was expecting. I had also realized that my day job in the architectural office apart from giving me worsening eyesight and back pain also gave me no satisfaction and I’ve decided 180degrees career change.  So here I am qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer with fresh vision and endless passion and determination to not only do something I’ve loved all my life – fitness but also help others to achieve their goals and become accustomed to the healthy lifestyle. In the past, I have been an endurance athlete and I have completed 5 back to back marathons and 3 half marathons, with latest being London Virgin Marathon 2013, where I have got my PB of 3hours 16min,  but nowadays I vary my training with high-intensity cardio and weightlifting. These types of training give me the cardiovascular effect of running but also the sculpting and toning only weight training can provide. I like this approach as it delivers fantastic results and keeps boredom at bay - Something I like to do with all my clients. My brand name symbolizes the fact that I can develop the workout around your individual needs. It is all about you and how best incorporates the training to your lifestyle, so you are most likely to stick to the programme and get the results you want. Fit Me Training has now been running for over 2 years with ever-growing popularity in the local area. To this date, I have helped many of my clients to achieve fantastic results with dramatic body transformations and numerous health and fitness benefits through thoroughly developed programmes and a variety of exercises. My general approach is very personal, I train hard and always expect you to give me 110%. I teach my clients to be mindful about nutrition and give numerous tips on how to stay active even during absence from fitness classes and 1:1 training. I believe this personal approach is essential to client success and focus on healthy lifestyle choices. In the future, I am hoping to increase my group fitness portfolio.

  • Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training and Business Planning 
  • Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing 
  • Group Training Specialist 
  • Circuit and Bootcamp Instructor 
  • Group Studio Cycling instructor 
  • QCF Certificate in Pre/Postnatal training
  • Advanced Kettlebells Instructor
  • Core Stability Instructor
  • Suspension Training Instructor
  • ITC Certificate in First Aid for Sport, Exercise and Fitness 
  • Full  Liability Insurance Cover
  • REPS Registered