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My mission is to bring motivation and inspiration to everyone who needs a little bit of help. I will guide you through the training specially designed to your needs and support you through the journey to fitter, healthier and happier future. I aspire to help everyone who wants to stay healthy, motivated and happy through my ultimate training methods and personal approach.  Fit Me Training symbolises the fact that we can develop the workout around you individual needs. It is all about you and how to best incorporates the training to your lifestyle. 


Level 3 Diploma in Personal

Strength and Conditioning 

Advanced Kettlebells instructor

Suspension Training (TRX) Instructor 

L1 Animal Flow Instructor

Core Stability



Circuit and Bootcamp Instructor

CYQ Level 3  Exercise for Ante

and Post Natal 

ITC Certificate in First Aid for Sport, Exercise and Fitness

Full Liability Insurance Cover

CIMSPA Reegistered



one to one training

Training specifically designed to meet your personal goals and needs. Training pack includes your 1:1 sessions, nutritional guidance and home workout ideas to top up the training volume without the costs.


We are fully qualified nutritional advisor. You will be guided on how to fuel your body during the training with healthy diet to see your results faster. *We do not write diet plans. 

ante/post natal

Personal training for expectant and new mothers. Learn how to train safely with our specific exercises designed to ensure healthy and more comfortable pregnancy or get back to full fitness post-partum. 

couples training

Training with your partner makes the exercise more fun, helps spreading the costs and creates the opportunity to spent more quality time together. Share your PT sessions with your partner for dose of healthy competition too.

bridal training

Aesthetics focussed specially designed PT programme and nutritional advice for those soon to be married. Look most beautiful and feel confident on your wedding day. 3-month minimum training recommended. 

sport event training

Specific training for athletes who are either preparing for a race or regularly participate in group sports. We focus on strength, agility and mobility, helping an injury prevention and to ensure you perform your best on the day.


About us

Fit Me Training journey began in May 2013 with a single Bootcamp class. Back then I was still working as architectural assistant/designer, but this had never felt fulfilling and I knew that I need to change my passion for fitness into full time job.

Fit Me Training grew organically over the next 4 years. We have expanded by providing additional classes in parks, school halls and community center gaining rather large following locally. Our One to One training also picked up and I was able to finally break free from the desk job in 2017.

2020/2021 global event provided a huge challenge with social distancing and venues closed. After year of online classes and PT I have decided to focus solely on One-to-One training where I could really make a difference to the client’s individual needs by tracking the progress, setting goals, mentoring and providing comprehensive service with visible results.

My own training also evolved over the time transitioning from mainly running and HIIT to CrossFit with more strength training and mobility focused workouts. I started to understand more about fitness needs of more mature population and those who spent loads of time by computer.  

Fit Me Training caters for all ages ranging from late 20’s to 50’s.  We are using variety of training methods, depending on clients’ abilities; from weight lifting, powerlifting, calisthenics, gymnastic strength to mobility and cardio conditioning.

We pride ourselves with an excellent client retention record with many clients training for over 3 years now. Fit Me Training is now where I always imagined it to be; helping clients to stay fit around their busy lives and teaching them to build healthy habits for the future.




10 sessions

    Package of 10 PT sessions (1 Person) + Nutritional support+ home workouts.

    Best suited if you planning to train 1-2 times a week without long contract. This is our most popular option.


one session/ program

  • Single PT session including 4 week progressive program you can follow by yourself at home. Prices also apply to fewer than 5 sessions block. 


Alexandra has been my PT for almost 2 years now. She’s very knowledgable, pushes you to your limits based on your abilities (but knows when to pull back due to fatigue or injuries etc). She puts together well thought-out programmes that are balanced and motivating. She listens when you’re feeling demotivated and tailors the sessions accordingly. I’ve become a lot fitter and hit all of my PBs in my mid thirties training with her!


Best PT I’ve ever had! At 41, I am at my fittest and in the best shape I’ve ever been, having just completed my first marathon injury free. I can honestly say I would not have achieved my fitness goals without Alexandra’s knowledge, expertise and motivation - if you want a PT who will push you to achieve, keep you on track and keep your workouts varied and interesting, I can highly recommend her as a PT. Thank you Alexandra!


I've been training with Alexandra for a couple of months now and I can already see a lot of progress. Alexandra is very good at identifying my weak areas and providing the right exercises for me to strengthen them. It can be tough at times but it's worth it! Highly recommended.


After my second baby at 39, I was determined to get back into shape. But the usual approach- running, yoga, Pilates and swimming, didn’t work. So I started going to Alexandra’s PT. Alexandra’s energy, deep expertise in PT, sense of humour and compassion make her a phenomenal trainer. She has transformed my fitness, strength and body shape and given me the self belief to push myself to do things I never would have considered beforehand (deadlift 100kgs- why not?!?! Do gymnastics on wooden rings- of course?!?!). Her private gym provides a safe space to try new things and has everything you need for strength and cardio training, including kettle bells, a pull-up bar, bar bells and an exercise bike.


The best in the business! The way Alexandra personalises every session has helped me improve my strength, flexibility, and mobility, really giving me more energy throughout the week. I've been working with her for over 3 years and would recommend her to anyone!


My journey with Alex has been about a year now and it’s been fantastic. Alex has been brilliant in working with my specific needs and truly understand what is necessary to help me meet my goals. Her detailed approach to nutrition and fitness plans have exceeded my expectations. She is always at hand when needed, responds to messages quickly and is great in making you feel motivated. Highly recommend Alex!


I cannot recommend Alexandra highly enough. I enlisted her help midway through my first trimester of pregnancy when I was feeling sluggish and not myself - within a couple of sessions I had more energy back and went on to have a very smooth pregnancy staying active right up until the end. I’m certain this is down to Alexandra’s motivation and tailored plan for me, and can’t wait to get in touch post baby to pick up where we left off! If you’re in a similar position don’t hesitate to get in touch! Thank you x








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