SMALL GROUP personal training

Small Group Personal Training offers the results and benefits of Personal Training – but at a fraction of the cost! My groups wary between 4 to 6 people maximum, and because you are part of the team, usually made up of people who know each other well, the training is more fun, despite still being challenging. With a larger group exercise where you can have as many as 30 people in the same class, there is limited opportunity for the instructor to provide you with close personal attention as an individual. This is very much not the case with small group personal training – as long as you ensure you find a class that has no more than 6 people taking part at any one time, the personal trainer is able to offer you personalized advice as you train to help you reach your own individual fitness goals. Training as part of a small group will help to keep you motivated towards your training – there’s nothing more guaranteed to push you to work harder than seeing other members of your group putting in more effort and progressing faster than yourself! This is something that you simply don’t have when training in isolation with a personal trainer – although they can give you the benefit of their knowledge and experience of working with others who have the same goals as you – it’s not the same as being able to directly compare your progress to that of your peers during every group session. As an added bonus, if you happen to be the person who is progressing faster than anyone else in your group, it’s going to make you feel really good about your training and motivate you to keep working harder. It really is a win-win situation for all! The cost of a single session is £15 p/p, based on 4 people minimum in one class. Before attending, please fill out and bring with you PARQ and Waiver forms. You can download them from the green button below.